Wildlife Prevention Products

Perry Le Pews offers and extensive line of prevention products designed and patented by company founder Kevin Perry. All of our products are manufactured and installed by our fully trained technicians, and are guaranteed with a 10 year warranty.

We built our reputation on the foundation of responding to each customers’ protection needs in combination with the needs of our precious wildlife. As Perry Le Pew’s continues to pioneer cutting edge technology, we remain committed in our mission to provide cost effective solutions for our customers, and ultra humane prevention and removal products for our wildlife cohabitants.

All removal products utilize PVC coated wire mesh and aluminum framing that are designed to withstand the harsh New England elements, especially those found throughout Cape Cod.

Some of our products include:

Chimney Caps

Our full size cap is designed to stand up to all harsh weather conditions, and native wildlife found throughout New England. These chimney caps are crafted from air craft grade aluminum, heavy duty galvanized PVC coated wire, fire retardant rain cover, and a carbon monoxide barrier; further proving our products are built to last. Caps are available in full size, single flue, double flue; and the newest addition equipped with a solar light.

Attic Vent Covers

Perry Le Pew’s attic vent covers can be designed to fit any size or shape vent to fit your specific measurement needs. Vent covers are designed to prevent raccoons, squirrels, and bats from chewing through the attic vent and taking residence in your attic. Our unique design is built to last as they will not rot or rust. We also offer dryer vent covers to further enhance preventative measures.

Window Wells

Window wells can be a danger for animals that manage to get caught and aren’t able to climb out on their own. Our rugged window well covers are able to prevent both children and unwanted wildlife from falling, or getting trapped, in the window well.

Ground Prevention

Our ground prevention is designed to keep animals from taking residence under decks, sheds, and porches. We use a high grade wire and bury it one foot down by one foot out to prevent animals from digging beneath and distributing existing soil.

Call us at 508-477-4316, or email lepews4316@comcast.net to learn more about Perry’s patented products.