Rescue Removals

Here at Perry Le Pews, we believe that it is inhumane to have wildlife removed and killed, no matter how “humane” the means to kill the animal are considered. When we remove an animal, you can rest assured that not only will the animal be removed from your home, but it will not be unnecessarily killed once it is gone. Our system of removal is distinctly more animal-friendly, and also comes with a 10 year warranty with any of our prevention packages. If you need an animal removed, make sure you’re getting the service that is best for the wildlife and yourself!

We handle any wildlife removal situation as safely and effectively as possible in order to control the situation and deliver results in the most ultra humane manner possible. Additionally, our system has allowed us to reduce the costs of wildlife removal. We handle removals of any species in question, from squirrels and raccoons to skunks and bats. Truly, our removal system is the most beneficial to both human and wildlife, so give us a try!