Our release program is part of our revolutionary system, providing mother and young with shelter, food and water for as long as needed. These shelter rehab units are solar powered and are monitored and controlled from our office, leaving the animal safe from all natural predators and elements. Although these units are technologically advanced, they maintain a natural setting that is needed for them to learn and maintain their natural skills in order to survive.

Prevention should come first but sometimes it doesn’t. Our prevention program is typically the last option, but not the least. We offer one of the toughest products available on the market. Our chimney cap goes way beyond the competition, patented in 1991 as the first chimney cap awarded a patent as an animal saving device.

Our products are some of the safest, and pose no sharp edges or wire that may hurt an animal trying to get in the chimney or attic. Our system provides the most professional, removal system available in the industry. Each of the components in our system are interactive with each other, and offer complete communication with the handler, ensuring a complete safe and ultra humane removal.

We dare to care, do you?

Attic Restoration Service

Perry Le Pews Wildlife Management has set a high standard to train and equipped our personnel to handle and control these issues properly and in a timely fashion. It is important that we perform the process to correctly for obvious heath risks associated with this kind of work. Each job is different so we consider this to be custom work. Your attic is the main source of air filtration in your home, leaving your attic contaminated can lead to health risks in the future along with the odor which can continue to attract wildlife activity.