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Animal Control Company Uses Robots

Kyle Perry gets a lot of phone calls from raccoons. And sometimes squirrels and skunks give him a ring as well. No, he is not a modern-day Dr. Doolittle. He’s an animal control agent with an inventive streak. And among his innovations is a trap that automatically calls a designated number when an animal has … Continue Reading Animal Control Company Uses Robots

Perry 4,000…Skunks 0

As the first mild spring weather comes to Cape Cod, Raccoons and skunks begin moving into quiet, protected nesting sites to deliver their young. At about the same time , property owners venture out to see how their vacation house fared over the winter. It’s up to Kevin Perry – and the three employees of … Continue Reading Perry 4,000…Skunks 0

Tricky Business – Perry Le Pews Skunk and Raccoon Removal

Cousins from Toledo and old college roommate from Des Moines are not the only unwelcome guests with whom Cape Codders must contend. Raccoons who take up residence in chimneys, and skunks who seek shelter in cozy crawl spaces can turn the most dedicated animal lover into hand-wringing, hair-tearing inhospitable host. Kevin Perry of Marstons Mills … Continue Reading Tricky Business – Perry Le Pews Skunk and Raccoon Removal